Golf in Poland

Amber Baltic Golf Club

Location: Kolczewo on the island of Wolin on the Baltic Sea coast.

Golf and Relax

Location: By Lukecin near Dziwnów on the Baltic Sea coast.

Binowo Park Golf Club

Location: Approx. 20 km south of Szczecin.

Postolowo Golf Club

Location: Near the village of Postolowo south of Gdansk.

Olsztyn Golf Club

Location: The village of Naterki, 13 km southwest of Olsztyn.

First Warsaw Golf and Country Club

Location: Rajszew, 25 km northwest of Warsaw’s center

Royal Kraków Golf & Country Club w Ochmanowie

Location: 15 km southeast of Krakow, near Wieliczka.

Golf Club Pszczyna

Location: Pszczyna, 37 km south of Katowice.


Golf Poland

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