The fortress Modlin

The fortress Modlin

The fortress Modlin. The southwest building section with fortress tower

Fortress Modlin is located approx. 36 km northwest of Warsaw. Administratively, it belongs to the city of Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki.
The fortress (or Fort) Modlin is a valuable example of military engineering. The barracks building with a total length of – initially – 2250 m is considered the longest in Europe. The location of the fortress at the mouth of the Narew River in Wisła and near the river Wkra’s outlet in Narew was of great defense value.
The first fortifications in Modlin were built by the Swedes in 1655 on the northern bank of Bug-Narew’s outlet in Wisła, the so-called “Bugskansen”.
In the years 1806-1812 a fortification of the citadel type with bastions was erected here – by order of Napoleon Bonaparte.
In the 19th and early 20th centuries. the fortress was expanded by the Russians.
In the years 1918-1939 units of the Polish army had garrison in Modlin.
On September 29-29, 1939, Modlin was defended by the Polish forces with the participation of the longest-fighting armor train throughout the defense, namely armor of Reserve No. 15, called “Śmierć“ (“Death”) as well as an anti-aircraft gun battery with 4-caliber 40 mm guns, which fired the largest number of aircraft during the fighting in 1939. Modlin capitulated as the last of the defense units in Poland.
On the southern side of the Narew River, directly opposite the fortress is the Magasin Building, which today is a ruin. The building was erected as a grain store and was completed in 1844. However, it only served as a grain store for 9 years; afterwards the building was used as a supply magazine and later for other magazine purposes for the military.
Today, the neglected buildings and the fortress area, which with its mighty forts and bastions are reminiscent of a dramatic history, are a major tourist attraction. Can be tamed.

The magazine building at Narew’s left (southern) bank, just before the expiration in Wisła.

View from the tower to the east, across the buildings along Narew – with the magazine to the right in the picture.

View from the tower to the east over the fortress (fort) area.

View from the tower to the south. Ahead we see Wisła, on the left Narew.

View from the tower to the west along Wisła. The bridge in the photo leads Highway 7 across the river.

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The fortress Modlin
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