City Hall in Mosina. – Photo by: Mateusz.woźniak, Mosina urzad, CC BY 3.0


19 km N


13.762 (2016)

Location and history

Mosina is located in Wielkopolska county, south of Poznań.
The locality is known from 1247, as the city appears in the sources from 1302.

Tourist attractions

Surrounding Area

West of the city stretches Wielkopolska National Park. To the east, the great river runs Warta.
In the area – both near and in the national park, there are a number Lakes, two of which have bathing beaches, accessible to tourists.

View Tower in Pożegovo.
is surrounded by the National Park. The tower is 17 m high and the terrain where it stands is 140 meters from here you can see not only Mosina, but the entire national park and even Poznań.


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