Texts on road signs

Photo by: Szczepan1990, Znak E-19a, mark as public domain, more details on Wikimedia Commons

as well as other signage and signage along streets and roads

in Poland

Polish sign text: Danish corresponding (or translated) sign text:
Agroturystyka Farm Holidays / Country Holidays
Autostrada Motorway
Brak poboczy The discount is missing
CLO customs
Droga ekspresowa expressway
Dworzec PKS Bus station
Dzieci Children
Gospodarstwo agroturystyczne (Farm that offers :)
Farm Holidays / Country Holidays
Granica Limit
Karczma Inn
Kemping Campsite
Koleiny rutting
Kwatery prywatne Private room rental
Miękkie pobocze The discount is soft
Most Bridge
Not dotyczy Does not concern
(text on prohibition signs limiting that prohibition)
Niebezpieczne pobocze The discount is uncertain
Nierówna drug Rough road
Noclegi Accommodation / Bed spaces
Objazd detour
Obwodnica Ring road
Parking niestrzeżony Unguarded parking space
Parking płatny Parking available for a fee
Parking strzeżony Guarded parking space
Piesi Pedestrians
Pobocze Vejrabat
Willa Rooms
Pokoje gościnne Guest rooms / Rooms for rent
Poland namiotowe Tent
Przejście dla pieszych pedestrian crossing
Roboty drugs Construction
Stacja paliw Gas station / gas station
Stacja PKP Railway station / railway station
Szkoła School
Szpital Hospital
Urząd celny Customs office
Uwaga! Beware!
Wjazd driveway
Wolne pokoje Available rooms
Wyjazd Retraction
Wyjazd Exit (motorway)
Wyjazd z budowy Exit from the construction site
(by roadwork)
Wynajem pokoi Rooms for rent
Wysoki krawężnik High edge
Zajazd Inn / Inn
Zmiana organizacji ruchu “Changing the flow of traffic”
(inter alia by changing the number of lanes, eg by road works, where traffic is diverted around them)

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