Lake Solina and Lake Myczkowce

Solina Lake

In the Bieszczady mountain area in southeastern Poland are the two connected lakes Solina and Myczkowce.
Both lakes are artificial lakes, built as water reservoirs as well as for energy and recreational purposes; Lake Solina in particular is a very popular tourist destination.

Lake Solina is built on the San River, the most significant river in the area. In addition to San, the lake also has access to the Solinka tributary.

Solina Lake

There are two hydropower plants: Myczkowce and Solina, of which the Solina plant is the largest (capacity 136 MW). For the Solina work, Lake Solina forms the upper basin and Lake Myczkowce forms the lower basin.

Lake Solina at Polanczyk

The Solina dam, made of iron concrete, is the largest dam in Poland. It measures 664 meters in length and 82 meters in height. The plant has 2 classic turbines and 2 reversible turbines that pump the water back into the upper basin at night.
The area of the lake is 2,110 ha, the length 25 km and the width 2.5 km; the maximum depth is 50 meters and the total volume is 471 million m3. Built in 1968. The plant is used for electricity generation, flood prevention and tourism purposes.

Myczkowce Lake is much smaller than Solina, only approx. 200 ha .; likewise, the dam (built of land) and the hydropower plant are somewhat smaller than the Solina plant.

Myczkowce Lake

Lake Solina is one of the most attractive places for sailors – with its beautiful landscapes and quiet fjords and coves. Silence is important and must be respected: sailing with motor boats is not allowed. The area is also attractive to anglers. In Solina, of course, you must visit and stroll on the impressive dam.
Lake Solina and the surrounding area is a distinct holiday area with many water sports opportunities; accommodation is numerous, especially in Polanczyk, Solina, Myczkowce and Jawor; There are numerous tent pitches and sports equipment rental centers. Polanczyk also has a health center offering sanatoriums.
In the vicinity of the lake you can also see valuable building monuments – wooden buildings as well as brick buildings – in, among other things. Uherce, Orelec, Srednia Wies and Polana.

Solina dam


Witamy nad Jeziorem Solinskim
Center Wypoczynkowe Wyspa Polanczyk

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