The regional museum in Szprotawa with the former city gate, Brama Żagańska. – Photo by: Mohylek, Szprotawa muzeum, CC BY-SA 3.0


54 km N


11.944 (2017)

Location and history

Szprotawa is located in western Poland, south of Zielona Góra.
The town was granted market town rights before 1260

Tourist attractions

City Hall
The town hall – very unusual – has two towers. Of these, the eastern tower is skewed. The first part of the town hall was built 1536-1587.

The Apostle Andreas’ Church
occurred in the first half of the 13th year. Next to the church stands the separate bell tower-

Virgin Mary's Church of the Assumption
The church was first mentioned in 1260. The church was greatly expanded in the 15th century.

Church of God's Mercy
was built on the ruins of the former castle in 1745-1747.

regional Gallery
in the former gatehouse: Brama Żagańska.

Monastery of the Magdalen Sisters (17-cm.)

The Jewish cemetery

Bymuren (14.årh.)

The Tower of the Evangelical Church

Brama Żagańska,
a former city gate from the 14th century. with gate tower, now regional museum

The Evangelical School (1773)

The Catholic School (1598)

The former water tower

The sundial

defense ramparts

Surrounding Area

tourist Route
planned to guide tourists through sights in the northern part of the municipality.

nuclear bunker

River Bóbr
runs through the southern part of the city.

Szprotawa – in Polish, English and German – with practical information for tourists

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Szprotawa – in Polish, English and German – with practical information for tourists

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Szprotawa – in Polish, English and German

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