The castle in Szydłowiec. – Photo by: Obraz 6069386 z Pixabay


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Location and history

Szydłowiec is located in Mazowsze, south of Warsaw.
The city is founded in the 12th century. and gained market town rights in 1427.

Tourist attractions

The castle
A castle in this place existed already in the 13th year.

St. Zygmunts Church
stands on Store Torv (Wielki Rynek) and its origins go back to 1401.

City Hall
stands in the middle of the square. It dates back to the 17th century. The tower can be seen many miles away.

Jewish Cemetery (Kirkut)
is one of the largest cemeteries of its kind in Poland.

2 medieval cake
In the square are 2 cake preserved. A cake is a pity, where certain criminals (especially thieves and “easy-living women”) in the old days were punished, first and foremost with whipping (cake ironing).

Surrounding Area

Szydłowiec in Polish, English and German

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Szydłowiec in Polish, English and German

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Szydłowiec in Polish, English and German

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