National Parks in Poland

From Babia Góra. – Photo by: Cezary Kukowka on Unsplash

Map showing the location of the Polish national parks. A click on the individual parks leads to the park’s location in the list below with brief information and links to a website about the park.
The national parks (parki narodowe) are among the foremost tourist attractions in Poland. In addition to the national parks, Poland has a large number of landscape parks (parki krajobrazowe) and nature reserves (rezerwaty przyrody).

(PN = Park Narodowy / National Park)
(NP = National)

The name of the park Area in ha Location of information center
or park museum
National parks in mountain areas:
Babiogórski PN 3392 Zawoja
Bieszczady NP (Danish text) 29202 Lutowiska
(Bieszczadzki PN)
Gorczanski PN 7030 Poreba Wielka
Karkonoski PN 5575
Magurski PN 19439 Krempa
Pieniny NP (Danish text) 2346 Kroscienko
(Pieninski PN)
Gór Stolowych PN 6340
Swietokrzyski PN 7626 Swiety Krzyz
Tatrzanski PN 21164 Zakopane
National parks on highlighter:
Ojców NP (Danish text) 2146 Ojców
(Ojcowski PN)
Roztoczanski PN 8483 Zwierzyniec
National parks including low-cost letters, forests,
lakes, rivers and wetlands:
Bialowieza NP (Danish text) 10502 Bialowieza
(with bison reserve)
(Bialowieski PN)
Biebrzanski PN 59223 Osowiec
Borów Tucholskich PN 4798 Charzykowy
Drawienski PN 11342
Kampinos NP (Danish text) 38544 Izabelin
(Kampinoski PN)
Narwianski PN 7350
Poleski PN 9762 Wola Wereszczynska
Ujscie Warty PN 7956 Chyrzyno
Wielkopolski PN 7584 Jeziory
Wigierski PN. 15085 Krzywe
National parks located on the Baltic Sea coast:
Slowinski PN 18618 Smoldzino
Wolinski PN 10943 Miedzyzdroje
National parks under construction:
Jurajski PN
Mazurski PN
Turnicki PN

From Bieszczady National Park

Accommodation in connection with visits to the national parks

Białowieża National Park

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