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Ciechocinek. One of the three grading works (for evaporation of salt water) in the city, namely no. 1 (the eastern) seen from ul. Tężniowa


44 km NV,
84 km NE,
32 km V,
65 km E,
53 km SV, 9 km V, 75 km NV, 67 km NV, 58 km NE, 44 km SV, 49 km SV, 24 km NV, 36 km SE


11.000 (2007)

Location and history

Ciechocinek is located in the Kuyavian-Pomeranian county, southeast of Toruń, on the river Wisła’s left (western) wide. The city is known knowledge as one of the most popular health resorts in Poland.

A more detailed description of the city of Ciechocinek’s history, attractions, etc. will be posted on this site.

Tourist attractions

Grader No. 1, west side (above – photo: Jakob Hoffmann); close-up view of the grader's side structure (below center); the grading work seen from above (other two photos below)

From the spa park

Fontanna “Grzybek“ (“mushrooms fountain”) is built over source # 11, which supplies salt water to the graders

From Zdrojowa Street

Surrounding Area


Odkryj Ciechocinek (Town official page)

Eating Out:

Odkryj Ciechocinek (Town official page)

Horse riding in Ciechocinek

Other Internet sites and sources

Odkryj Ciechocinek (Town official page)

“flower clock”, driven by a hidden electrical mechanism

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