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Constitution Park in Suwałki. – Photo by: Łukasz Pojezierski “Lukaszeq“, Park Konstytucji 3 May w Suwałkach, CC BY-SA 3.0


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Location and history

Suwałki is located in Podlasie County, in the northeastern corner of Poland, about 30 km from the Lithuanian border. Through the city, the river Czarna Hańcza runs.
In the early Middle Ages the area was populated by Jotvingian and Prussian tribes. The people of the two areas spoke a Western Baltic language, respectively. Jotvingian and Prussian. By the end of the 13th century, these tribes were defeated and their territory occupied by the Order of the Crusades, and then followed a pervasive forced Christianization and Germanization. Suwałki is first mentioned in 1688 and is declared a city in 1715.

Born in Suwałki:
The poet Maria Konopnicka (1842-1910)
Film and Theater Director Andrzej Wajda (1926-2016)

Tourist attractions

Selected attractions:

Ulica Tadeusza Kościuszki,
the oldest street in town.

The Evangelical Church (1841)

Maria Konopnicka Museum

City Hall

Citizens Club building (1912)

Surrounding Area

Lake Szurpiły north of Suwalki.

Lake Szurpiły north of Suwałki. – Picture of tomasz111 from Pixabay

Wigry Lake
- approx. 10 km southeast of the city. The lake is the 10th largest in Poland and one of the deepest with a depth of up to 75 m.

The Kamalulan Abbey in Wigry
On a peninsula in Lake Wigry is the former Kamaldulenserkloster. It was the camel dollar order from this monastery that founded the city of Suwałki.

Suwałki – The city's page in Polish, English and Russian. With practical information for tourists

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Suwałki – The city's page in Polish, English and Russian. With practical information for tourists

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Suwałki – The city's page in Polish, English and Russian

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