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Location and history

Połczyn Zdrój is situated in a very beautiful nature, surrounded by the so-called Szwajcaria Połczyńska and the Drawski Park Krajobrazowy Nature Park.
The city's land was in the 6th and 7th centuries. a Slavic settlement named Palupe. The town name Połczyn was first mentioned in a document from 1337. At that time, the city was the border town between Brandenburg, Pomerania and the Polish state. On the one hand, the location benefited the development of the city, on the other, the city was often involved in acts of war (thus the wars between the Crusaders and the Polish state).
The importance of the city as a spa town in our day goes back to the discovery in 1688 of local mineral water sources where the water could be used for healing purposes. In 1705, the first health center in the city was erected.
The real development of the city as a spa center followed from the middle of the 19th century. In 1857, Dr. Lehman, who worked at the local hospital, began using mud baths to cure rheumatic disorders (rheumatism), a method whose effects were already highly rated at that time. The growing importance of the spa town in northern Europe was instrumental in establishing a better road connection to Szczecin (1851); from 1903 the city had a rail link to Berlin. In 1913, the city had 4,126 caterers and in 1929/30 11,339 guests.
The city's German name was Bad Polzin.

Tourist attractions

The Old City (Stare miasto) . – The medieval town plan is preserved. The center is made up of the square square (Plac Wolności), and around it are the picturesque, crooked streets with houses from the 19th century. The popular pedestrian street in the center is called ul.Grunwaldzka. The square and surrounding streets are paved with cobblestones and illuminated by stylish street lights, giving this part of the city a special charm and originality.

The church. – The church of the city was originally a Gothic-style brick church from 1343. The present appearance it has gained in the years 1850-1860. Of old buildings and works of art include preserved sculptures by the four evangelists of the 18th century, the Gothic window in the choir and the bronze plaque above the bishop of Kamień Pomorski, Erasmus von Manteuffel of 1544.

Borgen . – In its earliest form, the castle was erected in the 13th year. to strengthen the defense of the border against the Principality of Brandenburg. Repeated rebuilds lost the original building style. Of the medieval building, only the cellars are preserved today.

The Kuran Stables and the park . – The spa park (Park Zdrojowy) was built in the years 1836-1839; the current area is approx. 80 ha. The Kuran institutions date from the 18th and 19th centuries.

From the spa park

From the spa park

Surrounding Area

Połczyn Zdrój is located on the border of the Drawski Park Krajobrazowy Nature Park, a landscape with high, lake and smaller rivers. The area is especially well known among “kajakister” and other water sports growers.

Gawroniec – (12 km to the south) with a round church erected in 1828 in boulders.
Ostre Bardo – (about 12 km to the north). The castle: Built in the middle of the 14th century. a castle owned by the Knights of von Wolde. There was a residential tower, erected on an artificially created elevation in the terrain. Preserved are only a few remains of the foundations and the mound itself. Church: The site of the original church was built in pitch. of the 20th century. a new neo-Gothic brick church. The church contains several elements dating back to the 17th century. and which were given as gifts to the church by the von von Wolde and von Kleist families.
Tychówko – (17 km to the north) The church (1739) with valuable furniture (altar, bell) and the bell tower as well as the cemetery with memorial of the fallen in World War I should be seen.


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Połczyn Zdrój

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Połczyn Zdrój
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