Vacation on the water in Poland

Baltic Sea at Gdańsk. – Picture of websi from Pixabay

Canals and other waterways in northeastern Poland
Passenger sailing on the canals and lakes of Mazury and Podlasie

Kayaking in Pieniny

The Pieniny region is located in southern Poland, quite close to the Slovak border. You sail on the Dunajec River from Nowy Targ, via Lake Czorsztyn and through the central part of the Pieniny mountain range to the town of Krościenko.

The Pieniny Mountains and the Spisz region
Kayaking route in Pieniny, see Pieniny National Park

Organized kayak excursions

Several companies organize excursions in the Masurian lake landscape, including along the river Krutynia; also holiday camps with sailing and rowing for the youth.

Sailing is easy and safe; also persons who have not so far practiced kayaking can participate; we sail at a leisurely pace 4-6 hours with eating breaks along the way.
No swimming proof or special skills are required in swimming; each participant is provided with a life jacket (with a capo filling).
The groups are usually international and count from 10 to 18 people.

Kayaking on the river Czarna Hancza

The Czarna Hancza River flows in its natural, pristine run through the Suwalki Lake area (in northeastern Poland). The river meanders through meadows and fields or through dense pine forests with a wealth of blueberries and forest strawberries.
The kayaking and the scenic walks on which this unregulated river has its mark are an unforgettable experience and an opportunity for closer contact with nature.
Czarna Hancza leads us through areas, covered with reed forests, past beaver colonies, through forest thickets and to small villages where the traveler meets with the hearty, Polish hospitality.

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