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City Hall in Skwierzyna. – Photo by: Flour on Flickr


30 km NV, 18 km S, 130 km NV, 80 km S


9.669 (2018)

Location and history

Skwierzyna is located in the Lubusz region of Western Poland. Here, two important roads intersect: highway # 24 from Poznań to Gorzów and the international road: E 65 from Wrocław to Szczecin. Berlin is only about 150 km away. The Kostrzyn border crossing is 70 km away, the Słubice border 80 km away.

Warta by Skwierzyna. Photo by: Flour on Flickr

Tourist attractions

Surrounding Area

The city's existence has always been closely linked to the rivers Warta and Obra. Also characteristic of the landscape is the forest complex Puszcza Notecka.

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