Świnoujście : 89 km, Szczecin : 125 km, Airport in Goleniów: 77 km, Kołobrzeg : 20 km,Trzebiatów : 10 km.

Location and history

Mrzeżyno is a seaside resort located on the river Rega’s estuary in the Baltic Sea.
The history of the place is linked to the city Trzebiatów who has built a port in Mrzeżyno. For a few hundred years (ca. 1250-1450), the place name Regoujście (Rega’s mouth) near the present Mrzeżyno. Around the middle of the 15th century. the residents of Trzebiatów built a new port in the present Mrzeżyno, which was also a fishing village. The first records of Mrzeżyno as a seaside resort date from 1840. Today's Mrzeżyno has excellent conditions for holiday stays at all times of the year. The good and clean beach invites you to a sea and sunbathing. The on-site gastronomic and accommodation offerings can satisfy even the more discerning guests.
Wishes to combine beach holidays with riding holidays can be accommodated at a nearby stud and riding center in Nowielice (distance about 9 km).
Mrzeżyno is located in Trzebiatów commune.

Official site of Trzebiatów Municipality (Polish, English, German)

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Official site of Trzebiatów Municipality (Polish, English, German)

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