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Polkowice Town Hall


18 km SV,
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22.730 (2012)

Location and history

Polkowice is located in the northern part of the Lower Silesian County.
The city gained market town rights before 1272, probably in 1265.

Tourist attractions

Among the attractions include:
Archangel Saint Michael's Church
Mentioned for the first time in 1365. The church burned several times and gained its present form in 1679. However, the tower was added in 1686-90.

Aqua Park
Large water park.

“Aqua Park”

From the square in Polkowice

Surrounding Area

Near Polkowice is a branch of the very large state mining company “Polska Miedź” , which is one of the leading manufacturers in the world in terms of copper and silver. However, other metals are also mined to a lesser extent.

A mine under the company “Polska Miedź”, near Polkowice


Polkowice – in Polish, English and German

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Polkowice – in Polish, English and German

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Polkowice – in Polish, English and German

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