Wooden sculptures of fisherman family in a park in Dziwnów. – Picture of kempes69 from Pixabay


Lufthavnen ved Goleniów
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Location and history

The municipality of Dziwnów is located on the coast surrounded by water on both sides: to the north the Baltic, to the south Kamień Fjord. The western part of the municipality is located on the island of Wolin. The nearest major city is Kamień Pomorski. – Localities in the municipality: Dziwnów (main town), Międzywodzie, Dziwnówek and Łukęcin.- Already in 1243, Dziwnów was mentioned for the first time in the documents, the site being on the trade route connecting the Szczecin fjord with the Baltic Sea. Since, that is, until the 19th century, the area's small towns were mainly fishing villages. Amber processing also occurred to a considerable extent. From about 1820’the fishing villages (first Dziwnów and Dziwnówek) developed into seaside resorts.

The wind bridge over the Dziwna River in Dziwnów. – Picture of kempes69 from Pixabay


Dziwnów municipality has excellent beaches. There are good opportunities for boating, including a protected marina and safe mooring opportunities at the mouth of the Dziwna River. In many places you can go fishing (both in lakes, by the fjord, in the river and in the sea), and golf and horse riding are an option. There are also marked hiking and biking trails (27 km).

Dziwnów city is on a rather narrow headland. Surrounded by water as it is, it is possible to meet most holidaymakers' wishes. In 1999, the city achieved a third place in a competition for “the most popular holiday town”.

Dziwnówek : There are several large holiday centers, but it is also easy to rent a room from private. A good campsite is available. The place has good, wide sandy beaches.

Łukęcin is the smallest locality in Dziwnów Municipality, beautifully situated in a wooded area. There is an equestrian center and golf course. Behind the beach is a steep cliff coast.

Międzywodzie is surrounded by forests. Watersports can use both the sea and the Kamień fjord. There are several health centers here, especially for people suffering from respiratory or movement disorders.
As something quite rare, Międzywodzie has an access / descent to the beach intended for disabled people in wheelchairs, specially built in zigzag through the dunes and only with a slight rise / fall.

Accommodation options include approx. 20,000 beds, distributed in hotels, motels, holiday centers, campsites, hostels and private room rentals.

Gmina Dziwnów (Official site in Polish, English and German)
Międzywodzie zaprasza (Polish)

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Gmina Dziwnów (Official site in Polish, English and German)

Międzywodzie zaprasza (Polish)

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