The square in Bojanowo


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Location and history

Bojanowo is located 19 km southeast of Leszno in the Wielkopolska region.
The city is founded by Stefan Bojanowski, a Polish nobleman who belonged to the Lutheran church. In 1638, Bojanowo was granted commercial property rights by King Władysław IV Waza. For the first time, the city developed to a large extent by the influx from the Czech Republic and Silesia of people persecuted as different believers in these areas. Many dressmakers came to the city, which resulted in Bojanowo becoming the second largest (after Rawicz) center for the manufacture of woolen cloth in Wielkopolska. In 1793, at the second division of Poland, Bojanowo came under Prussian rule. In 1857, a devastating fire broke out in the city, but subsequently rebuilt. On January 17, 1920, Bojanowo returned to Poland. Today, Bojanowo is known for its agricultural school and its brewery. The municipality has invested in the construction of a sewage treatment plant and the expansion of the sewer system. The city – which today is located in Rawicz Powiat (District) – is not rich, yet nice and well maintained.

Tourist attractions

The square in Bojanowo

The most beautiful place in the city is the square with the old townhouses for 1-2 floors. The square, which is a square square of 100 by 100 meters, was designed in 1638. In the beginning there was a wooden built town hall in the middle of the square. By the fire of 1857, the town hall and other houses burnt down in the square. While the houses along the square were rebuilt or rebuilt after the fire, the new town hall was not erected on the ruins of the old, but in the southern part of the square. The center of the square therefore remained undeveloped and is today a green area.
Agricultural School:
The agricultural school's main building is a magnificent building from 1907. The entire school complex and the side streets are surrounded by lime trees and constitute one of the greenest areas in the city today.
The church:
The parish church, the Church of Jesus Heart, was built in 1858-60 to use the Protestants instead of the former Protestant church of 1640, which was destroyed by the Great Fire in 1857. Valuable parts of the inventory – including the lateral altars and the church bell – have been transferred. from the nearby church in Gołaszyn.

Surrounding Area

Gierłachowo (about 5 km southeast of Bojanowo):
Mansion buildings located in a beautiful park. The estate originally belonged to the genus Przyjemski.

Gołaszyn (immediately northwest of Bojanowo):
The village church was built in the 14th century. The village is mentioned in ecclesiastical sources as early as 1310. The church was restored in 1825 and 1862.

Trzebosz (about 7 km south of Bojanowo):
The castle in Trzebosz was built in the late Baroque style in the first half of the 18th century. – construction started approx. 1712. A main building was built and perpendicular to it a west wing. The breeding buildings are located on the outskirts of the village.

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Bojanowo (Official site of the municipality)

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Bojanowo (Official site of the municipality)

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