Biecz. The Council Tower – or: The House with the Tower


12 km SV, 31 km SV, 19 km NE, 133 km NV, 45 km E, 53 km V, 86 km NE

Church of the Body of Christ

Location and history

The small town of Biecz is beautifully situated on the banks of the river Ropa, 53 km east of Nowy Sącz. The town is known from the 11th century. and there are many historic buildings. The slender town hall tower rises high above the low buildings. There are a few beautiful church buildings, the Franciscan Order's monastery and significant remains of the old defensive walls with fortifications towers from the 14th and 16th centuries. The regional museum in the city should also be visited.

Biecz Town Hall

Biecz The official site of the municipality (Polish and English) – here practical information for tourists


Biecz The official site of the municipality (Polish and English) – with practical information for tourists

fortress Tower “Blacksmith's Tower” (Baszta Kowalska) with a remnant of the old city wall

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Biecz Official site of the municipality (Polish and English)

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