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Location and history

Człuchów is located on a cliff between two lakes, 135 km southwest of Gdańsk, and is an attractive tourist center.
Two main roads intersect at the city: No. 25 (Koszalin – Bydgoszcz) and No. 22 (connecting via Berlin and Kaliningrad via Kostrzyn and Elbląg).
In the past, the site was an important Slavic settlement mentioned in sources from the 12th century. In 1312 the town was purchased by the Crusaders, who built a castle here. Commercial property acquired the city in 1348. From 1466 Człuchów belonged to Poland. In 1772 – in connection with the division of Poland – the city was taken by the Prussian army. In February 1945, Człuchów was conquered by Soviet army forces, and after the war the city was again Polish.

Tourist attractions

Crusader fortress .
Of the castle, the Gothic tower is still preserved; it rises on its hill high above the city. The tower itself is 46 m high and from its top there is a panoramic view of the surrounding area.
This crusader castle, built in the middle of the 14th century, was in its heyday compared to the castle in Malbork. In the beginning, the castle was the only walled building on the site. At the foot of the castle, a smaller settlement, populated by Kashubians and German immigrants, gradually formed the basis of the present city. The castle was the seat of the area's comforter (commander or provincial governor; the state of the state was divided territorially into comedies) and consisted of the main castle (the upper castle) and three fortified forests, separated by moat. Each section of the castle was surrounded by a wall; in addition, the whole was surrounded by an extra wall. There were 11 gates and 9 fortress towers. The main tower was intended as a last refuge in the event of the capture of the castle. The castle in Człuchów was surrounded by moat, but in 1782 the water level in the lake was lowered by 4 meters and the ditches dried out. Of the original castle, today only the high tower and parts of the upper castle are preserved. Where the northern wing had stood, an evangelical church was erected in 1826-1828. Various events and public performances take place in the courtyard.

St. James's Church.
The church is in the Baroque style from the middle of the 17th century. with a rich inventory. The tower has been added a century later and has since been rebuilt.

There are several holiday centers and other tourist facilities in the city.

Surrounding Area

Several villages of tourist interest are located by the lakes in the uplands, thus Przechlewo (17 km to the northwest).
Incidentally, the area is a good destination for cycling tourism and for anglers.

View from the castle tower

Człuchów . (City official page)

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Człuchów . (City official page)

Other Internet sites and sources

Człuchów . (City official page)
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