Wieża Bramy Górnej (Upper Gate Tower) and part of the city wall, remnants of the medieval fortification around Krapkowice


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25.671 (2000)

Location and history

Krapkowice is located south of Opole in Silesia, more specifically in Opole County. The river Odra runs through the city, while the A4 motorway passes north and east around Krapkowice.

The city is first mentioned in the sources during the year 1294, but has existed substantially in the past. Krapkowice probably acquired commercial property in 1295, but the document has not been preserved.

The square in Krapkowice

Tourist attractions

Castle in Krapkowice in the late Renaissance style. – Ruins of the castle of Otmęt.Nikolaj Church (Kościół św. Mikołaja) (14.årh.). – Bymuren , first mentioned in 1384, with a gate tower: Wieża Bramy Górnej. – Citizen's house by the square (no. 4) from the 18th year. in late Baroque style.

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Surrounding Area

Dąbrówka Górna (about 10 km NW for Krapkowice)
The manor house in Dąbrówka Górna is built in the second half of the 17th century. and expanded to an impressive castle in 1907. The oldest part is in Baroque style. The castle is located in a small park facing the river Odra, facing west.

Krapkowice (The official site of the city in Polish, English and German). Here also practical information for tourists

View from the east-facing square along ul.Kóścielna towards Nikolaj Church tower (Kościół św. Mikołaja)

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Krapkowice (The official site of the city in Polish, English and German)

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