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Location and history

Prudnik is located in southern Poland, west of Katowice and a few kilometers north of the Czech border.

The city gained market town rights in 1279. The only remaining of the original city is the Wok Tower (Wieża Woka), which was part of a medieval castle from the 13th century. Around this castle, the city of Prudnik grew. Most of the rest of the oldest city has been burned and the last part has been demolished or rebuilt over the centuries. Prudnik belonged for a very long time under the Czech crown. After the Silesian wars, the city came under Prussia in 1741. After the Silesian referendum, the city remained under Germany. During World War II, a branch of the German concentration camp Auschwitz was established here. In March 1945, Prudnik was captured by the Red Army and Polish administration was introduced in the city. The German-speaking inhabitants were expelled to Germany.

Tourist attractions

Selected attractions:

Wok Tower
The Wok Tower is the oldest building in the city and the only one left of the original city. It was part of a medieval castle from the 13th century (before 1262). Around this castle, the city of Prudnik grew. The name of the tower is due to the Czech nobleman, Vok I. z Rožmberka, who had the castle erected. The tower is built over an annular floor plan and the wall is several meters thick. This remnant of the castle, which has survived to this day, was of course the central tower of the castle. From the terrain around the tower, a turned wooden staircase leads to an entrance into the wall, which is located approx. halfway up the wall. Inside the tower is a dungeon at the bottom where the prisoners were starved. At the very top is a viewpoint to which tourists have access. The castle tower, known as the Wok Tower, stands today in the Bonifrater Monastery area, but is also part of the Prudnik-area Museum.

Prudnik Area Museum (Muzeum Ziemi Prudnickiej)
This regional museum includes departments of archeology, ethnography and history. The museum's history goes back to 1902. From 1929-1945 the museum was housed in the town hall. From 1959 the museum was a branch of the Opole property's Museum and was given new premises in a distinctive house consisting of two medieval fortress towers as well as a large, interconnected building. In addition, the museum also includes the Wok Tower (see above). In 1968, the museum became independent. A comprehensive extension was made after 1999. Today the museum is owned by the municipality of Prudnik.

The monastery complex of the Bonifrater Order
Includes the monastery buildings and the abbey church. Listed 1783-1787.

Archangel Michael's Church
Originally listed ca.1279. However, the present church dates from 1730-1738.

Medieval fortress towers in Prudnik, including Wieża Katowska, now part of the Museum of Prudnik. – Photo by: Wlodek k1, Wieża Katowska, Prudnik 2018.11.05 (03), CC BY-SA 3.0

The city wall with fortifications
Remains preserved to this day are two fortress towers (which now houses the Museum of Prudnik), built of fieldstone and bricks (from the 15th century), as well as Brama Dolna (Lower Gate) with a gate tower (from 1481).

Surrounding Area

Mountains and countryside parks :
Southwest of the city – up to the Czech border – is the Opawa Mountains Landscape Park.


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