Strzelin. Brzeg Principal's House (Dom Książąt Brzeskich)


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12.954 (2006)

Location and history

Strzelin is located south of Wrocław in the Lower Silesian County.

Strzelin was granted commercial property rights in 1292 and was for centuries a center for crafts and commerce. In 1861 the first quarry was opened by the town and today the granite quarries at Strzelin are the largest in Poland and are among the largest in Europe; the central quarry has a depth of over 100 m. During the Second World War there were several forced labor camps and the surrounding area and approx. 80% of the city was destroyed.

Sankt Gotthardts Rotunde (Rotunda św. Gotarda)

Tourist attractions

The castle by name “Brzeg Principal's House” (Dom Książąt Brzeskich). – The ruins of the Gothic City Hall (15th century) in the square. – St. Gotthardt's Rotunda. (Rotunda św. Gotarda), Romanesque church, the oldest part from ca. 1150.-Holy Cross Church (Kościół pw Świętego Krzyża). -The Virgin Mary's Church (Kościół pw Najświętszej Marii Panny).

Surrounding Area

Strzelin (Official site of the city and municipality) – with practical information for tourists

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Strzelin (Official site of the city and municipality) – with practical information for tourists

Holy Cross Church (Kościół pw Świętego Krzyża)

Other Internet sites and sources

Strzelin (The official site of the city and municipality; here also city maps and municipal maps)

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