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Location and history

Darłowo, a commercial and fishing village, is located on the Wieprza River, near its mouth in the Baltic Sea, 2 km from the coast.
Darłowo is one of the oldest cities in Pomerania. The place is an old fishing village: a Slavic settlement from about 800 has been excavated in the present area of the city. From 1205, the first record of Darłowo and the then castle on the site dates. From 1271 Darłowo is mentioned as a city; 1312, the city acquires market town rights; in 1352 the building of a new Gothic-style castle was begun within the city walls; from 1361 the town was affiliated to the Hanseatic League; in the 15th and 16th centuries. the city was developed through trade with Scandinavia, German and Polish cities.

Castle of the Pomeranian Princes in Darłowo. – Picture of neufal54 from Pixabay

In Darłowo, in 1382, the later Danish king Erik, called Erik of Pomerania, was born. 1449-1459, the detroned king spent his last years on the castle of Darłowo. He was also put to rest here; his sarcophagus is found in the Church of Mary, the great Gothic church in the city center.

Castle of the Pomeranian Princes in Darłowo

Darłowo’s harbor is located in the fishing village and seaside resort of Darłówko on the coast itself (but within the city limits). The port is primarily a fishing port, but also a freight and traffic port. Here, private boat owners moor their boats, but the harbor is also used by yachts’are and motorboats as well as owners of fishing boats offering tourists boat trips on the sea aboard their boats.
The current lighthouse in Darłówko dates from 1885.
Incidentally, the first foreign ship to enter the port after the end of World War II was the Danish “Helene”.

Church of Mary in Darłowo

Tourist attractions

The main attractions are: The Pomeranian Prince's Castle from the 14th century, now a museum, the Church of Mary of the 14th century, the Baroque-style town hall of 1725, the Gothic Brama Kamienna, one of the city gates that were part of the city's defense works . Incidentally, Darłowo has one of the best preserved medieval town centers in Pomerania.

Memorial board for “King Erik” – the Danish king Erik of Pomerania, buried in the church

Surrounding Area

For supporters of kayaking, it is possible to sail on the Wieprza River on the stretch from Kępice to the mouth of the Baltic Sea.
8 km southwest of Darlowo (along the coast) is the large Bukowo lake. The closest settlement on the lake shore is called Dąbki.


Królewskie Miasto Darłowo (City official page). – In Polish, Danish, English and German. – With practical information for tourists

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Królewskie Miasto Darłowo (City official page). – In Polish, Danish, English and German

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