The old town of Grudziądz seen from the river Wisła. – Picture of Krzysztof Niewolny from Pixabay

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46 km S,
Kowalewo Pomorskie
46 km SE,
51 km NE,
17 km NV,
Czarna Woda
124 km NV,
78 km E,
46 km NV,
50 km N,
23 km NV,
Solec Kujawski
87 km SV,
Jabłonowo Pomorskie
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61 km NV,
32 km SE, 59 km SE, 74 km SV, 38 km SV, 75 km NV, 120 km N, 56 km SE, 64 km NE, 72 km SV, 36 km NE, 104 km NE, 96 km NE, 81 km SE, 67 km NV, 24 km SV, 61 km NE, 65 km SV


97.000 (2011)

Location and history

Grudziądz is located on the right bank of the Wisła River in northern Poland, 120 km south of the Baltic Sea at Gdańsk. The international highway E75 from Gdynia to Cieszyn passes through the city, as well as good road connections to other parts of the country. The junction with the E75 highway leads across the river on a bridge just south of the old town.

In 1064, the fortified settlement at the site is mentioned for the first time in the sources. In 1231 the town was conquered by the Crusaders, who subsequently built a castle here. However, this castle was finally destroyed in 1945. In 1291, Grudziądz was granted commercial property rights; in the documents from that time the town's name appeared in various forms: Grudenc, Grudencz, Graudentum and others. In 1466, the city was awarded Poland. After Poland's 1st division in 1772, the city came under Prussia. In 1920 Grudziądz returned to Poland.

Tourist attractions

Selected attractions:

Grudziądz is over 700 years old and contains many historic buildings and monuments, as follows:

Parts of the original city wall from the 14th-15th centuries. with Water Gate.

Crusader fortress
Remains of the crusader castle from the 13th century can be seen on the castle mound.

Complex of grain magazines
from the 13th to the 17th. located on the Wisła River.

Historic residential buildings in the old town

The Citadel
from the 18th – 19th century.

The former nunnery under the Benedictine Order
from the 17th to the 18th century.

The abbot's mansion
from the 18th century.

The former Jesuit College
from the 17th to the 18th century.

Saint Nicholas Church
(parish church) from the 13th-15th centuries.

The writer and film director Aleksander Ścibor-Rylski (1928-1983) was born in Grudziądz.

Surrounding Area

Grudziądz (The city's official site in Polish, Swedish, English, German, French, Chinese and Czech)

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Grudziądz (The city's official site in Polish, Swedish, English, German, French, Chinese and Czech)

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Grudziądz (The city's official site in Polish, Swedish, English, German, French, Chinese and Czech)

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