The square in Zwoleń. Statue by Jan Kochanowski


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Location and history

Zwoleń is a small town located 32 km east of Radom and just south of the extensive Kozienice forests. The city emerged in 1420’in the village of Gotardowa Wola’s ground, by virtue of privileges granted by Władysław Jagiełło. Important for the development of the city was the communication route from Lublin via Zwoleń to Radom and on to Wielkopolska. The establishment of the Polish Kingdom in 1815 (in personal union with Russia) included the city of Zwoleń. World War II was tragic for the city; ca. 90% of the urban area was destroyed and a large number of inhabitants of the city and the surrounding area were imprisoned and murdered. From 1954-1975 and again from 1999 (after the implementation of the new municipal reform), Zwoleń is the center of an administrative district (powiat).
In the middle of the town square is a statue of the poet Jan Kochanowski (1530-1584), associated with Zwoleń. In the city are two schools, a museum, a chapel and the public library named after the poet. Every year, a usually well-attended Kochanowski festival is held in Zwoleń, which includes performances by musicians and actors, cabaret performances, performances by local folk groups and various games and competitions.

Surrounding Area

The village of Czarnolas, located 12 km northeast of Zwoleń, is known for its museum of Jan Kochanowski (1530-1584), the most famous Polish poet of the Renaissance period. -See the special page about it Czarnolas
5 km south of Zwolen is the village of Sycyna. The whole village was purchased in 1525 by the nobleman and judge Piotr Kochanowski. His son, the later famous poet, Jan Kochanowski, was born here in 1530. In 1999, the Information Society was established “Sycyna” (Stowarzyszenie Oświatowe “Sycyna”).

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