The castle in Bolków; the entrance to the castle area; to the right is the top of the defense tower


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Location and history

Bolków is located in southwestern Poland, in Lower Silesia, north of the Sudeter Mountains; the lower mountains to the west and southeast are called respectively. Góry Kaczawskie and Góry Wałbrzyskie. The closest border crossing to the Czech Republic is at Lubawka, 30 km to the southwest. Major downtowns nearby are Jelenia Góra to the west and Wałbrzych to the southeast.

Bolków emerged as a trading ground on the trade route between Wrocław and Legnica to the Czech Republic. The city gained market town rights in 1276. Under the legnica prince Bolesław Łysy in the 13th century. arose the castle, which became one of the safest of its kind in Silesia. The parish church was also built during that time. In the 14th century. a town hall was built – rebuilt in 1827. In the 16th and 17th centuries, the city suffered epidemics, several earthquakes and wars. In 1632, a fire erupted, destroying much of the city. In 1707 the first market was held in the city for canvas and yarn. At the beginning of the 18th century. the city was sold to the Cistercian order in Krzeszów and remained in the hands of the order until 1810. In 1808, the first industrial enterprise, a canvas weaving, was started, which laid the groundwork for significant development.

The upper part of the square in Bolków; in the background is the town hall tower

Tourist attractions

from the 13th century. is one of the oldest and most interesting defense buildings of the Middle Ages. It stands on a high (396 meters); On the south-eastern slope of the hill lies the town, which, with defenses, is connected to the castle. The castle consists of two parts, an inner, older part in the Gothic style and the remains of an outer part added during the Renaissance period. When the princes of the Piast dynasty who had owned the castle became extinct, the castle came on Czech hands. After several quarrels, the castle became the 16th century. handed over to the Bishop of Wrocław. From 1703 to 1810 the castle belonged to the city under the Cistercian order in Krzeszów. After secularization, the bailout fell into ruins. – Known tournaments are held several times a year at the castle. In the castle there is a museum with, among other things. models of this as well as other Polish bourgeoisie.

The castle in Bolków. The central courtyard with the defense tower

The castle in Bolków. The central courtyard as seen to the east. In the background TV. the former women's house, now the castle museum; th. the former residential department

The castle in Bolków. The wall around the main castle facing southeast from the tournament site

The castle in Bolków. Plan over the castle; northerly direction is downward on the plan

Saint Jadwiga’s Church
The first records of the church date from 1298, but it probably originated around 1250, erected as a brick building with a floor plan of the shape of a Greek cross, with a sacristy and a tower on the south side. In the 14th century. 2 side ships have been added.

Saint Jadwiga’s Church in Bolków

City Hall
The classic town hall was originally built at the end of the 14th century. After a fire in 1632, the town hall was rebuilt in 1670. Later rebuilds, especially in 1827 (by Hedemann of Kamienna Góra) gave the building its present appearance. City Hall stands in the middle of the square and divides this into a lower and an upper square. The building is on two floors with a mid-level porch – an advanced building facade – to the east. In the south-west corner stands the square tower, which turns into an octagonal shape and concludes with a baroque-style roofing.

Bolków City Hall

Surrounding Area

Świny , 2 km north of Bolkow.
The castle in Świny from the 14th century. is located on a high (369 masl). The tall, square tower, built of natural stone, preserves fragments of vaults, stucco, gothic windows, quadrangular portal as well as murals on the exterior walls.

The castle in Świny

Bolków (City official page) – in Polish, English, German and Czech

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Bolków (City official page) – in Polish, English, German and Czech

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Bolków (City official page) – in Polish, English, German and Czech

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