Kudowa-Zdrój. From the spa park


Bystrzyca Kłodzka
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Stronie Śląskie
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Lewin Kłodzki
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Náchod (Tjekkiet)
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Location and history

The spa town of Kudowa-Zdrój is located in a mountainous area in southern Silesia, quite close to the Czech border.

Kudowa-Zdrój is one of the oldest spas in Poland and in Europe. The current name of the place had in the 16th century. the form Chudoba, later Kudoba and from 1945 the current form: Kudowa. The locality is mentioned in written sources from 1477. The local mineral water sources have been mentioned since 1580. Information about the town as a health resort is found in a Czech chronicle, authored by Ludvík of Náchod. The city's first known owner was the famous Austrian commander Albrecht von Wallenstein from the 30-year war. Equipment for spas, mainly of wood, has been known since 1630. In 1777, a guide was published of the spas in Silesia, including Kudowa and Duszniki. At the end of the 18th century. the springs were secured with walls and the current spa park was started. A group of doctors took over the spa, which led to a faster development of the healing facilities. In June 1813, the then Prussian king, Wilhelm III, lived with his wife and daughters in Kudowa. By 1847, the number of surrogates had risen to around 300. Further scientific confirmations of the health-giving properties of the basin caused the number of visitors to increase to 4,150 in the year 1900. The site was the first cardiovascular health center in what was then Germany. There were several boarding houses and ordinary housing was also growing. Kudowa avoided the wars of the Second World War and after the peace ended, the city was again within Poland's borders. In the same year – 1945 – the city was granted rights as a market town. Kudowa developed further after the war and became one of the most popular health and holiday centers in the country.

Tourist attractions

Selected attractions:

Aqua Park
i.e. Water park with several associated facilities and offers.

Winter Sports Valley
lies at the foot of Świni Grzbiet, ca. 1 km from the center of Kudowa in the direction of Jakubowice. In winter, the snow is very long here, which provides extended opportunities for winter sports. There are ski lifts and other amenities as well as three well-equipped accommodations.

Skull Chapel (Kaplica Czaszek)
A common burial chamber for the victims of the Silesian wars in the years 1740-42 and 1744-45 as well as the victims of epidemics in the 18th century. On all walls have been deposited skulls and other skeletal parts from a total of approx. three thousand people. Under the floor rests the remains of another 20-30,000 people. The chapel was opened in 1776; skeletal parts collection, disinfection and erection lasted over 8 years. The chapel is the only one of its kind in Poland and one of three such in Europe.

Museum of Folk Culture
is an open-air museum with examples of old country buildings, crafts, etc.

The Toy Museum (Muzeum Zabawek)
contains examples of old toys from both the 19th and 20th centuries from several countries and continents.

Seed Museum (Muzeum Żaby)
are devoted to frogs in every form and species. Suitable for children.

“Rebparken” (Park Linowy)
used i.a. for physical training in advanced courses in team building.

family park “Colorado”
Amusement park for children and adults.

Spas (Zdrojowy Park) is the city's vibrant center, for both locals and tourists. The park was built in the 18th century. and contains, besides a wealth of plants, that of traditional spas “drikkehal” (Pijalnia Wód Mineralnych), where you can enjoy the mineral water directly from the source. Furthermore, the park has a concert hall, a theater and several sanatoriums.

Source of Mary
In the forest outside the town stands a small forest chapel, dedicated to the Virgin Mary. At the foot of the high on which the chapel is built, a spring, called the Source of Mary, springs.

Kudowa-Zdrój. From the spa park

Surrounding Area

Góry Stołowe
To the east, the urban area adjoins the small national park called Góry Stołowe, which contains very distinctive rock forms. The highest point is Szczeliniec Wielki (919 masl). The Góry Stołowe mountain range extends from southeast to northwest with a length of approx. 45 km. The mountains consist of sandstones in two main levels that were originally seabed; as a result of the geological movements, they have raised several hundred meters over time. The recent erosion has created amazing rock forms. The mountain range as a whole can be reminiscent of a flat table (stół), many of which is the name.
Błędne Skały
is the name of an exciting and very unusual maze of rock forms that includes the Skalniak mountain ridge (915 m asl), located in the Góry Stołowe National Park.
Szczeliniec Wielki
This, the highest point in Góry Stołowe, is most easily accessible from the village of Karlów, 12 km from Kudowa. A path, built of 682 stone steps, leads to the top. The mountain sides are also a great place to grow rock climbing.
Dinosaur Museum (Park Dinozaury)
contains a large number of dinosaurs in natural, rocky environments; the park is located at the foot of the mountain Szczeliniec Wielki.

Rock formations in the mountains (and national park) Góry Stołowe

Góry Bystrzyckie
Further to the southeast – on both sides of the border – the Góry Bystrzyckie mountain range extends. The highest point on the Polish side of the border reaches 977 m. On the Czech side, where the mountains are called Orlické Hory, there are heights of up to 1115 m.

Czech republic
Immediately on the other side of the border with the Czech Republic lies the town of Náchod.
Suggestions for excursions to the city of Náchod and the nearest part of the Czech Republic can be read on Kudowa’s website.


As is the case in most health resorts, Kudowa-Zdrój has a relatively large number of hotels and boarding houses, as well as many private rooms that are rented out.

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Kudowa (The official site of the city in Polish and German)

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Kudowa (The official site of the city in Polish and German)

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