Rymanów Zdrój. From the spa park


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Location and history

The small town of Rymanów is located near the northernmost foothills of the Beskid Niski mountain range and on the main road between Krosno and Sanok.

The city can trace its history as a market town back to 1376. The current town name, Rymanów, was added to Władysław Jagiełło’s reign and is derived from the name of a local parish bishop named Reyman. In the 15th and 16th centuries. the city received several royal privileges, among others. for the organization of markets and for the maintenance of their own inventories. Since the trade, the craftsmanship developed strongly. – Both World War I and World War II brought great destruction in the city as well as in the spa town.

The spa town:
The spa town of Rymanów Zdrój is located as a special suburb approx. 4 km south of the city center. It is the second largest spa town (after Iwonicz Zdrój) in the Beskid Niski area. The mineral water sources discovered in 1876 serve to treat, among other things. respiratory diseases; Today, children are mainly welcomed as guests. Rymanów is a beautiful health resort, partly furnished in old guesthouses with memories of past centuries.

Rymanów Zdrój. From the spa park

Tourist attractions

In the Rymanów town itself, one should visit the parish church built 1779-1781 in the late Baroque style. Also noted is the seat of the Potocki genus in the eastern part of the city; now the local forest management is based here.

Rymanów Zdrój. From the spa park

Surrounding Area

In addition to walks in the spa park, strolls and longer excursions are recommended to the picturesque ridges that surround the city and go under the designation Rymanów Heights. The highest of these are Dział (668 meters) and Kopiec (635 meters). – If you follow the red tourist path to the west, you can stroll to the nearby health resort of Iwonicz Zdrój.


Rymanów. Gminny Portal Internetowy – with links to practical information for tourists

Eating Out:

Rymanów. Gminny Portal Internetowy – with links to practical information for tourists

Rymanów Zdrój. From the spa park

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Rymanów. Gminny Portal Internetowy

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