Bardo. The town center with the Virgin Mary's Visitation Church


Nowa Ruda
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Location and history

Bardo is located northeast of Kłodzko in southern Silesia, on the river Nysa Kłodzka.

Bardo is one of the oldest cities in Lower Silesia. Traces of people in this region can be traced 10 thousand years back. An ancient trade route along the Nysa Kłodzka River connected Poland and the Czech Republic; this route is now considered to be a branch of the amber road through Europe. Due to the strategic location of the site (between two tribal areas and protected to the south and west by the mountains Góry Bardzkie), already in the 10th century. brought a fortification to the present Bardo.

Tourist attractions

The figure Godmother of Bardo . – Virgin Mary Visiting Church . – Redemptoristklosteret with the Museum of Sacred Art. – mountain chapel . – “Rosary Chapels” . – Violence from the 10th-13th century. . – The bridge over the river Nysa Kłodzka . – View point “Cutting progressed” (Obryw Skalny) . – The river Nysa Kłodzka’s intersection of the mountains Góry Bardzkie.

High above the town center is the Sister Mary's Monastery, which also houses the Orphanage “Jutrzenka”

Surrounding Area

Serwis Internetowy Urzędu Miasta in Gminy Bardo (Town official page)

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Serwis Internetowy Urzędu Miasta in Gminy Bardo (Town official page)

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Serwis Internetowy Urzędu Miasta in Gminy Bardo (Town official page)

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