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Location and history

Sieradz is located 60 km southwest of the regional capital Łódź and is the center city of the district of the same name. The river Warta passes the city's northeastern edge.
Through the city, the main roads 12, 14 and 83 run respectively. west, east, south and north direction.

Sieradz is one of the oldest settlements in Poland and originated at a crossroads where the medieval trade and communication paths crossed. The town is first mentioned in 1136 as a fortified town where there were taverns, a customs authority and a landmark, but archaeological studies indicate that the fort and the first settlement date back to the 11th century. At a time between 1247 and 1255, the city gained market rights – on the basis of Magdeburg city law. From 1262 the city was the capital of the Principality of Sieradz, from the middle of the 14th century. in the county of Sieradz. In 1793, at the partition of Poland, the city was occupied by Prussian forces. In the new Poland after 1918, Sieradz was the center city of the Sieradz district of Łódź county. During the German occupation of World War II, there were extensive executions that affected both the Jewish and Polish people.
Especially between 1945 and 1970 many companies in the city emerged in the textile, mechanical, metal and food industries. From 1975 to 1998, Sieradz was the administrative center city of Sieradz County, from 1999 the city is the district center of Łódź county.

The city's name probably comes from the first name Sirad.

Tourist attractions

Sieradz is the center of an area known for its beautiful folk costumes, paper clips and more

Archaeological and Ethnographic Museum.
The city's oldest house, dating from the 16th or early 17th century, contains a museum of archaeological and ethnographic collections.

Dominican Order Church and Monastery Complex
from the 13th, 14th, 17th and 18th centuries.

Church of All Saints
The Gothic Parish Church contains valuable medieval sculptures. The first wooden church on the site probably stood here in the 11th century. The present church was built approx. 1370, but since expanded with 2 side ships and a tower (1580).

The executioner's house (Dom Kata)
The building contains a remnant of a brick tower from the 14th century. and a small part of the old city wall.

Castle hill (Wzgórze Zamkowe)
with the remains of the castle castle and later the castle's castle, which in the 14th century. was replaced by a walled royal castle (demolished at the end of the 18th century)

Old Town Square

The Ethnographic Park of Sieradz
An interesting open-air museum, located near the castle mound.

city Theater (Theater Miejski)
The building, which was rebuilt and furnished into a theater hall in 1874, housed former horse stables for the postdiligences. The building's current classicist look got it in the year 1900.

Surrounding Area

Jeziorsko Lake.
16 km northwest of Sieradz, the Warta River is extended to the large lake Jeziorsko (after the village of the same name), extending from the south to the north with a length of approx. 15 km and a width of 2-3 km. Jeziorsko is an artificial lake, a water reservoir (incidentally the largest in the county), built in 1986 to regulate the river's flow and the flood of farmland. In addition, the plant also had energy and recreational purposes. The southern part of the lake is a bird sanctuary. In the other part water sports can be cultivated; motorboat sailing is also allowed.

Tubądzin .
In this village, located about 15 km northwest of Sieradz, a museum is housed in an old, listed manor.

Sieradz (Town official page)

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Sieradz (Town official page)

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Sieradz (Town official page)

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