The pedestrian street ul. Jedności Robotniczej in the center of Słubice


Frankfurt an der Oder
0 km V,
90 km V, 77 km NE, 34 km N, 52 km SE, 57 km E, 81 km NE, 186 km E, 74 km E, 145 km N, 36 km E, 90 km SE


16.900 (2004)

The border bridge over Odra. The border line runs close to the German shore

Location and history

Słubice is located in western Poland, on the eastern bank of the river Odra, which over a long distance forms the border between Germany and Poland. On the west side of the river lies the substantially larger German city of Frankfurt an der Oder. There is a border crossing point in the city itself. From the city there is 5 km to the south to the highway no.2 (on the German side motorway no.12), connecting Warsaw and Poznań with Berlin.
As an independent city, Słubice has existed only since 1945, when the border was established at Odra. However, according to historical sources, there was a Slavic settlement called Śliwice in the early Middle Ages at this place. After 1250, the area came under Brandenburg and the dwelling eventually became a suburb – called Dammvorstadt – for the city of Frankfurt.
During World War II, approx. 30% of the urban structure destroyed.
After 1972, cooperation between Frankfurt and Słubice began in several areas, a cooperation that was deepened after 1993.

The pedestrian street ul. Jedności Robotniczej in the center of Słubice

Surrounding Area

As a tourist in Słubice, it will be natural to walk across the bridge and visit Frankfurt on the other side. 10 km north of Frankfurt (also on the German side) is Lebus – in the early Middle Ages a fortress, in the 10th-12th century. center of Lubusz (Ziemia Lubuska, in German: Lebuser Land, of which the name of the new West Polish county).
In the area east of the Odra River are smaller rivers and canals as well as a number of small lakes. A short distance from the city begins the large forest area Puszcza Rzepińska, which extends south and east. The area has many opportunities for hunting, fishing and water sports.



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