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Przeworsk City Hall


14 km SE, 102 km SV, 88 km SV, 19 km V, 29 km NV, 55 km NE, 49 km SE, 39 km V


15.452 (2017)

Location and history

The town of Przeworsk is located in the southeast of Poland, approx. 49 km from the border with Ukraine.
The town's history can be traced back to the transition between the 10th and 11th centuries, where a fortified settlement existed on the site. The present town, Przeworsk, was first mentioned in 1280. The town was granted market town rights in 1393, issued by King Wladysław Jagiełło. From the 15th century. the city became an important business center; several crafts were active here, especially weavers. At the division of Poland, Przeworsk came under Austrian rule, as part of the province of Galicia. Important for economic development was the construction of the railway from Kraków and the continuation from Przeworsk to Lwów, and not least the construction of a sugar factory in 1895. After World War I, in 1926, an electricity plant was erected.

Tourist attractions

Selected attractions:

This Gothic church is built 1430-1473.


Church of Saint Barbara
Gothic style from 1465. Is part of the Bernardine Order's monastic complex.

from the end of the 15th century.

Artificial high, erected in memory of the inhabitants' resistance to the Tatar attack in 1624; on the top a pillar-shaped chapel from the 17th century.

Lubomirski Palace
from 1807.

City Hall
from the 15th century. but rebuilt in 1909. For centuries the seat of the magistrate and the district court.

The remaining parts of the wall from 1512.

Surrounding Area

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Przeworsk – in Polish, English, German, Slovak, Czech, Ukrainian. With practical information for tourists

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Przeworsk – in Polish, English, German, Slovak, Czech, Ukrainian

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