The castle in cutańcut


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Location and history

Cutańcut is located 20 km east of the regional capital of Rzeszów.
The city originated under King Kazimierz the Great, who colonized the area here with German immigrants from Bavaria. Commercial rights acquired the city in 1367. From 1772-1918, Łańcut belonged to Austria. Incidentally, the history of the city has been closely linked to the history of the castle. Today, the city is the center of an administrative district (powiat) under the region.

Tourist attractions

The castle in cutańcut
In 1629 Stanisław Lubomirski purchased Łańcut by Stanisław Stadnicki’s sons. 1629-1641, a castle with corner towers was built here, surrounded by a fortification system with bastions, a double violence and a dry moat. The castle's current appearance is due to the redevelopment, which was carried out in the second half of the 18th century. In 1816, this property, along with other properties, by inheritance, passed to the author Jan Potocki’s sons; at the inheritance in 1823, the eldest son, Alfred Potocki, got the castle in cutańcut. 1889-1912 the castle was rebuilt and modernized. The last owner, Alfred III Potocki (1915-1944), made the castle available for diplomatic meeting during the interwar period.


Łańcut (The city's page in Polish and English) – here also practical information for tourists

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Łańcut (The city's page in Polish and English) – here also practical information for tourists

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Łańcut (The city's page in Polish and English; here including city maps)

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