Markets and market days in Poland

Sales of oscypki (smoked sheep cheese) at the weekly market in Sucha Beskidzka

In many large and smaller cities in Poland, markets are held regularly. It can take place in the town square or in a special marketplace. The frequency can be once or twice a week, sometimes three times a week. In the markets you can buy goods of almost any kind: clothing, shoes, boots, cheeses, fruits, vegetables, metal products, wood products, rubber goods, braids, furniture, chemical products, harness and other things for horses, antiques and much more. Due to the wide range of goods, including regional features with products made and sold by local artisans, the large buying public and the low prices, a Polish market is both an attraction in itself and an advantage for the visitor who can here buy things cheaper than in stores.

The list below currently covers only part of southern Poland. We hope to expand the overview soon to cover larger parts of Poland. City names designed as links, e.g. Limanowa , refer to pages about the cities in question “Tourist in Poland”.

Market Village (County) market Days
Barczewo (Mazury) Saturday
Bielsko-Biała (Śląsk) Saturday
Buczkowice v. Wywiec (Slask) Wednesday, Saturday
Cieszyn (Śląsk) Wednesday, Saturday
Chrzanów (Małopolska) Thursday
Jabłonka (Małopolska) Wednesday, Saturday
Jeleśnia (Śląsk) Tuesday
Jordanów (Małopolska) Monday
Kalwaria Zebrzydowska (Małopolska) Wednesday
Kęty (Małopolska) Monday
Kozy v. Bielsko-Biała (Slask) Friday
Krakow (Małopolska) Tuesday, Friday
Krzeszowice v. Kraków (Małopolska) Monday
Lesko (Podkarpacie) Tuesday, Saturday
Limanowa (Małopolska) Monday
Łącko (Małopolska) Every other Wednesday, alternating with Stary Sącz
Miechów (Małopolska) Tuesday
Mszana Dolna (Małopolska) Tuesday
Myślenice (Małopolska) Monday
Nidzica (Mazury) Tuesday, Friday
Nowy Targ (Małopolska) Thursday, Saturday
Nowy Tomyśl (Wielkopolska) Wednesday, Saturday
Olkusz (Małopolska) Tuesday, Friday
Olsztyn (Mazury) Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
Oświęcim (Małopolska) Thursday, Saturday, Sunday
Porąbka v. Kęty (Śląsk) Wednesday
Pszczyna (Śląsk) Friday
Rabka (Małopolska) Monday
Rzeszów (Podkarpacie) Friday
Sanok (Podkarpacie) Wednesday, Friday
Skoczów (Śląsk) Thursday
Stary Sącz (Małopolska) Every other Wednesday, alternating with Łącko
Sucha Beskidzka (Małopolska) Tuesday
Sułkowice (Małopolska) Tuesday
Tarnów (Małopolska) Tuesday, Friday
Tczew (Pomerania) Tuesday, Friday
Trzebinia (Małopolska) Wednesday
Ustrzyki Dolne (Podkarpacie) Wednesday
Wadowice (Małopolska) Thursday
Wolbrom (Małopolska) Thursday
Zakopane (Małopolska) Tuesday, Friday
Nowarnowiec (Śląsk) Monday
Zawoja (Małopolska) Saturday
Żywiec (Śląsk) Wednesday

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