Kalisz Town Hall. – Author: Bartek Wawraszko, PL Kalisz Ratusz., CC BY-SA 3.0


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Location and history

Kalisz is located in the eastern part of the Wielkopolska region and is flooded by the river Prosna.

The city of Kalisz is marketing itself as “the oldest city in Poland”. Between the 9th and 13th years. the fortified settlement in Zawodzie, now a district of Kalisz, was located approx. 1 km southeast of the current center. After 1233, Prince Henryk Brodaty moved the central settlement to the northwest to its present location. Ca. In 1257, Kalisz was granted the market town rights of Prince Bolesław Pobożny. Throughout its history, Kalisz has suffered the consequences of several wars and numerous fires.

Tourist attractions

Selected attractions:

The cathedral
The Saint Nicholas Church, the cathedral, was originally erected in Gothic style from 1253 to 1280, but it has been rebuilt several times and therefore contains elements of several styles.
At the cathedral site is one of the oldest preserved buildings in Kalisz, a former convent under the Order of the Canon Canonics, now the bishop's residence.

From St. Nicholas Church in Kalisz. – Photo by: unsplash logo Soroush Karimi

Adam Asnyk High School
The high school building was built in 1819 in the classicist style, but the school's traditions go back to it “Academic Colony” from 1389, which was a branch of the Academy of Kraków.

Jesuit chapel
The original Bernardine Church from 1604 was taken over by the Jesuit Order in 1919.

fortress Tower “Dorotka”
The tower was erected at the end of the 14th century. as an integral part of the city's fortification (the city wall). Originally the tower had an equilateral shape, but later got a semi-circular shape with an outer circumference of 5.3 m. Later – when the tower no longer had any defensive function – it was used as the city's arrest building.

Virgin Mary's Ascension Basilica
Originally a wooden church from the end of the 13th century. A new, ground-walled church was built from 1353. The present form of the church is due to a reconstruction from 1790, preferably in the late Baroque style.

Remains of the oldest fortified town in the Zawodzie district. The archaeologists have tried to reconstruct the original fortification.

Ruins of Diocese Church
The foundations of the first Diocese of 1155 in the district of Zawodzie.

The poet Adam Asnyk (1838-1897) was born in Kalisz.

Surrounding Area

Kalisz is located in a lowland, characterized by the river Prosna and its tributaries.


Kalisz – with practical information for tourists

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Kalisz – with practical information for tourists

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