The stone lions at the entrance to the town park in Żory. – Photo by: Artur Strzelczyk on Flickr

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62.110 (2011)

Location and history

The town of Żory is located in southern Poland, just south of the major industrial and urban area, called the Katowice area.

A document from 1272 testifies to the founding of an actual, fortified city. The building of a city wall and other fortifications began in the late 13th century. In 1291, the city became attached to the Czech Republic. In 1526 the area came under the Habsburg monarchy. In 1742, the city became part of Prussia. In 1922, Żory returned to Poland.

Żory’s city arms

Tourist attractions

Selected attractions:

St. Philip and St. James's Church
Gothic parish church from the 15th century.

Remains of the city wall from the 14th century.

Surrounding Area

Katowice Area



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