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Location and history

Gniezno is located in the Wielkopolska region, northeast of Poznań; the city is located in the middle of the lake landscape of the same name.
Gniezno is known for its historical significance as Poland's first capital. From the beginning of the 10th century. Gniezno became the main center of the tribal state of the Poles, the first state founded in the territory of present-day Poland. The Polaner tribe was the starting point for the princely genus Piast, which founded the Polish state itself.

The square in Gniezno. – Photo from Wikimedia Commons

Tourist attractions

Selected attractions:

The cathedral
The Gniezno Cathedral dates from the transition between the 14th and 15th centuries. It replaces two former churches that stood in the same place, the oldest from ca. 970th

Museum of the Resurrection of the Polish State

The old Town
The Old Town of Gniezno as a whole is worth a visit, including a number of old, beautiful churches.

Surrounding Area

Gniezno-the seascape is restricted to the west by the Warta River Valley, to the east by the Gopło Lakes. The largest lake is Gopło (21 km2), the deepest, on the other hand Lake Popielewo (50 m). Both of these lakes are located east of Gniezno.

West of Gniezno lies Lednica Lake . The largest island in this lake, called Ostrów Lednicki , is one of the most important places in the history of Poland. It is believed that the birth of the Polish state can be traced back to this place. Under Polish prince Miesko I and his son, King Bolesław I Chrobry’s government was the island one of the most important military and administrative centers in what was then Poland. On the island you can see the remains of a castle's palatium (residential building), erected in the second half of the 10th century. At the lake shore is found Museum of the First Piast’is at Lednica .

Powiat Gniezno – in Polish, English, German, Russian and Ukrainian

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Powiat Gniezno in Polish, English, German, Russian and Ukrainian

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Powiat Gniezno in Polish, English, German, Russian and Ukrainian

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