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Zawiercie. – Photo by: X ziomal X, Zawiercie, CC BY-SA 3.0


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Location and history

Zawiercie is located in southern Poland. Today, the city is located in the Silesian region, but in the historical sense it belongs to the Małopolska region. Warta cuts through the city in its upper race, with the river originating in Kromołów, a suburb just east of Zawiercie. Warta (a tributary to Odra) is the third longest river in Poland.
The city has a considerable heavy industry with ironworks, glassmaking and foundries. Under Zawiercie there are deposits of lead, zinc and silver that are not all utilized. Earlier, iron ore and lignite were also mined.
The name of the town probably comes from the term “za Wartą” i.e. “beyond Warta” or “on the other side of Warta”, i.e. seen from Kromołów, where the river originates.
The village of Kromołów, now part of Zawiercie, already existed in the 12th century. The name Zawiercie was mentioned in a document from 1431 in which a man was given permission to build a tavern on the site. Already in the 15th year. the first ironworks occurred here. The development of the city and industry is greatly alienated by the building of good roads – with a fixed pavement – to the neighboring towns. Since then, the construction of a railway line was given similar importance. In 1915, the city gained market town rights. After World War II, the number of factories and other businesses grew again.

Tourist attractions

Selected attractions:

Trinity Church (16th century.)

Church of Nicholas (16th century.)

Szymański Mansion (19th century.)


Warta’s source
A chapel has been built near the site of the river Warta (in the Kromołów district).

Surrounding Area

Zawiercie is centrally located in Kraków-Częstochowa Highlands , a rural landscape known for its many ancient castles and castle ruins.

Katowice Area

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