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Maków Podhalański

The square in Maków Podhalanski at the foot of the mountain Makowska Góra


Chyżne (slovakisk grænse)
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Location and history

Maków Podhalański is a small trading and station town, located in the Beskidy Mountains of southern Poland.
Maków is located in the Skawa Valley, on the River Skawa’s northern shore. The Skawa River borders one part of the Beskidy Mountains, called Beskid Żywiecki, (south of the river) and another part, called Beskid Makowski or Beskid Średni (north of the river).

The northwest corner of the square with ul.Kochanowskiego and with the church in the background

The town of Maków Podhalański lies at the foot of the mountain Makowska Góra, which thus belongs to Beskid Makowski. The city is at an altitude of approx. 350 meters above sea level, while Makowska Góra reaches 697 meters.
From Maków, it is just under 60 km to the northeast to Kraków and 66 km to Zakopane (to the southeast).

The west side of the square. The building in the middle with yellow ground floor contains bakery and patisserie

In the municipality of Maków there are approx. 16,000 inhabitants, of which approx. 37% live in urban areas. In addition to the town itself, the municipality of Maków includes the following villages: Białka, Grzechynia, Juszczyn, Kojszówka, Wieprzec and Żarnówka.
Since the municipal reform in 1999, the city and municipality belong to the newly created Sucha powiat (administrative level between municipality and county) with a seat in Sucha Beskidzka, 6 km from Maków. This powiat with the municipalities included is part of the newly created county of Małopolska (with administrative center in Kraków).

The post office's former building (from 1898) on the south side of the square, at the main street

The first historical record of Maków dates from 1378, although there is some uncertainty attached to this record. By contrast, it is certain that Maków existed at least from 1410 as a village.
From 1443 – perhaps before – there was a church parish in Maków, which included all mountain villages on both sides of Skawa. The first wooden church was replaced in 1705 by a new church.

From the east side of the square

From 1752 markets were held in Maków after the royal permission was granted.
After Poland's first division in 1772, the area came under Austro-Hungarian rule (the province of Galicia).
Maków gained market town rights in 1840. The city's location on the north-south trade route, the existing horse and cattle markets as well as the opening of the railway line contributed to the development of the city.

The north side of the square

From 1846 there was an ironworks in Maków with the name “Maurycy”. However, the production was declared unprofitable and the work was discontinued in 1863.
During the German occupation in World War II, Maków was a border town in the so-called “generalguvernement”, with the limit to “The third Reich” course along Skawa. In Maków, many people, both Jews and members of the resistance movement, as well as other civilians were murdered by the Germans.

Main street, ul. 3-go Maya

In trade, Maków is characterized by trade and crafts. Prominent is the craftsmanship of the wood and construction industry. In addition, there is a long tradition in the city and the area for crafts, primarily in embroidered textiles.
Larger companies are few in Maków, however there is one large factory which in turn is one of the largest of its kind in Europe. It is Fabryka Osłonek Białkowych, located in the village of Białka and manufactures sausage skins of collagen. It is the municipality's largest workplace with 535 employees.

Ulica Kościelna (Church Street)

Small farming on Makowska Góra’s slopes

The nature. The surrounding area. Tourism

Maków and Grzechynia seen from the north

The climate in the area is healthy. The air in the mountains is health-giving and is recommended for people suffering or suffering from respiratory or cardiovascular diseases.
The water flowing from sources in the mountains also has good qualities and is conducive to the health of people suffering from digestive system disorders or urinary tract diseases.
In the years after 1949, a former holiday home for railroad workers was expanded into a tuberculosis sanatorium.

Part of central Maków seen from the north


regional Gallery :
In Maków you should visit the regional museum; Here you will find historical documents, pictures, examples of old-fashioned objects and popular works of art.

The parish church :
The parish church in the late classicist style dates from 1826-28, but also contains building remains from the former church from the 18th century. Two church bells date from 1547 and 1663.

Every year, the first week of August, is held “Culture week for the culture in the Beskidy area” (Tydzień Kultury Beskidzkiej) . Among other things. there are performances on the open-air stage in Kościuszko Street (at the Fire Station) by various folk groups.

View from Makowska Góra over part of Maków and Grzechynia

Maków is suitable as a starting point for hiking in the mountainous terrain north and south of the city. The group of mountains located just north of the city and of which Makowska Góra is a part, is called the Koskowa Góra chain, named after the highest point, Koskowa Góra (868 m.). Other heights near Maków are Ostrzysz (707 m), Kamienna Góra (719 m) and Stołowa Góra (841 m).
To the south of the river extends the Jalowieckie chain. Malikowski Groń (760 m) (just south of Grzechynia).

View from Makowska Góra over the Skawa Valley and Maków towards the Polica mountain range and with the elongated village of Białka on the left in the photo

Further south (south of the Skawica River Valley – tributary to Skawa) the somewhat higher Polica chain rises (highest point Polica – 1369 m); closer to Maków, however, lies the Jawór mountain (857 m) near Juszczyn Polany – access from the main road between Juszczyn and Osielec.
The Babia Góra chain is located south of the border with Slovakia.

View from Makowska Góra across the Skawa Valley towards the Babia Góra mountain range in the distance

Babia Góra:
The highest parts of the Babia Góra chain, the Babia Góra mountain massif, are the second highest mountains in Poland (after Tatry). Highest point, Diablak, reaches 1725 m.
The area around Babia Góra is a national park, created in 1955 to protect the unique nature. In the park you can only walk on marked hiking trails.
From Maków you reach the park by road to Zawoja (18 km); Zawoja also houses the National Park Museum.

From Makowska Góra’s slopes

Other shorter excursions:
Sucha Beskidzka : Sucha, a city slightly larger than Maków, is only 6 km away. Here you should see the castle, whose oldest part is from the 16th century; notable is also the old inn with the name “Rzym” (I.e., “Rome”) on the town square; It is a wooden building, probably built in the middle of the 18th century.
Lanckorona: Lanckorona is an old (12th century), picturesque village with well preserved pretty houses and castle ruins from 14th century (approx. 27 km from Maków).
Wadowice : Pope's birthplace with museum (27 km).
Longer excursions:
Storbyen Krakow , the cultural capital of southern Poland, a city with atmosphere and many architectural sights (58 km.); Zakopane (66 km), the destination for tourists who want to try some of the numerous excursions in the unique Tatry Mountains; Oświęcim (German: Auschwitz) (57 km): KZ camp museum; Wieliczka (68 km) (old famous salt mine with museum).

River Skawa at Maków

Rivers and villages:
Maków is, as mentioned earlier, in the Skawa Valley. The Skawa River originates in the mountains (Podhale chain) southeast of Makow. Skawa is one of the most important rivers in the Beskidy area. At Maków it runs in a westerly direction, later it changes to the north and eventually leads to Wisła north of the city of Zator. Skawa occupies immediately south of the city boundary of Maków the essential tributary of Skawica, coming from the southwest. Along Skawica, just before the mouth of Skawa, lies the village of Białka. South of the center of Maków, the small mountain river Grzechynka opens; near the estuary lies the village of Grzechynia; Skawa borders on Maków city.

From the settlement of Makowska Góra

From the north, Skawa occupies the small tributaries Wieprzec (along which lies – at an altitude of about 500 m – the village of Wieprzec) and Żarnowianka (with the village Żarnówka). The village of Kojszówka is located north of the main road towards Jordanów, between Juszczyn and Osielec. The settlement located west of Maków's city boundary towards Sucha is called Maków Dolny (Lower Maków).

Water Reservoir:
The water in the rivers in the Beskidy Mountains is quite clean. This is also the reason for the construction and construction of a huge water reservoir in the Skawa River valley at vedwinna Poręba, south of Wadowice. The reservoir will be at a distance of approx. 20 km from Makow. In addition to the function of drinking water reservoir (for the Śląsk area), the artificial lake is also being built for other purposes: flood protection, source of hydropower and various recreational purposes. The lake will be 9 km long and will have a volume of 161 million m3. Unfortunately, the project is progressing slowly due to lack of money.

View from Makowska Góra towards Babia Góra

Fishing: Fishing licenses can be purchased for fishing in Skawa.

Camping: There is a campsite “Jazy” in Jazy Street on the eastern outskirts of the city.

Telecommunications: In addition to ordinary telephones, mobile phones can now also be used in the Maków area, since in 1997 a mobile mast transmitter was built on the mountain Makowska Góra just north of the city.

View from Makowska Góra over the Skawa Valley to the south

Train, bus and flight connections:
Between the river and the road (ie the main street in Maków), the railway runs by train to Katowice, Kraków, Zakopane and Nowy Sącz. In addition to the train connection, there is a bus service to the surrounding towns. The nearest airports are at Krakow and Katowice.

Shopping in the center of Makow:
Most shops can be found in and near the square or within walking distance. Parking is possible on the square. You can choose from several food stores, bakery (with patisserie), butcher, hardware store, shop with women's clothing, kiosk, exchange, cash machine, shop with electrical articles, film and video shop, lingerie shop, 2 book and paper shops, men's clothing store etc. , a cozy bar / cafe where hot dishes can also be served as well as a restaurant / pizzeria with outdoor dining. In the square is also the post office. In recent years, shopping opportunities have expanded significantly; there are now no less than 6 supermarkets in the small town; Of these, the 5 are brand new and modern. Of these 5, the two are on the street leading from the main street to the railway station (ul.Kolejowa), while the last three are located on the main street in the direction of Sucha.

Off-road riding on Makowska Góra


Holiday house at Maków Podhalański (Southern Poland)
The house is Danish owned, with beautiful mountain views, well furnished, closed parking and garage, 3 km from the center

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Maków Podhalański (Official site of the municipality) in Polish and English – with practical information for tourists

Eating Out:

Places to eat in Maków Podhalański and its surroundings
Maków Podhalański (Official site of the municipality) in Polish and English – with practical information for tourists

Map of Maków Podhalański:
Map of Maków Podhalański. Center and East and
Map of Maków Podhalanski. West

Other Internet sites and sources

Maków Podhalański (Official site of the municipality) in Polish and English

The west and north sides of the square

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Places to eat in Maków Podhalański and its surroundings

Rynek 9

Café and eatery in the square (Rynek no. 9)

Café Polański

at ul. Wolności 3 (near the square)


Restaurant located a few kilometers from the center on the road towards Sucha Beskidzka.
Excellent food and great atmosphere.
Address: us. Surletowa 6, 34-220 Maków Podhalanski


“Zadoil” is a restaurant and motel and located on the outskirts of Maków on the road to Jordanów and Rabka (to the southeast), ie. after the bridge over the river, but before the road towards Zawoja. The building is on the left side of the road behind a gas station: “Petrochemia Płock”. The food is excellent. Parties are also organized for larger groups. The address is Białka 552, 34-220 Maków Podhalański.

Pizzeria “Milan”

The restaurant is located on the corner of the square and ul.Kóścielna.
There is also sidewalk dining under parasols.

“U Macieja”

“U Macieja“ (“At Maciej”) is really a bar and as such the most recommendable. Of course, beer and liquor, coffee and cappuccino and the like are served, but also numerous hot dishes. The specialty of the place is currently pizzas.
“U Macieja” lies on the left side of the main street (ul. 3-go Maja 3), a few meters from the square in an easterly direction.

Zielona Przystań

Restaurant and inn, address: ul. Wolności 106.


Ciastkarnia “Mijax”

Patisserie in Henryk Bania’s bakery in the square.
Address: Rynek 3.

Cukiernia ‘‘Ewa’‘

Patisserie on the corner of the square (Rynek) and ul.Kochanowskiego.
There is also sidewalk seating.

Surrounding Area

Restaurant “Kasper Suski” in Sucha Beskidzka

At the castle on the outskirts of Sucha Beskidzka, ca. 7 km from Maków, a hotel and an excellent restaurant are recommended. This restaurant has a nice selection of good wines.
Also see: LINK:456:Restaurants and other eateries in Poland under: Sucha Beskidzka.

Karczma “Rzym” in Sucha Beskidzka

7 km from Makow’s center, in the square in the neighboring town Sucha Beskidzka, lies the old and traditional inn “Karczma Rzym” (The inn “Rome”). It's worth a visit.
The name of the inn is linked to the Polish legend of Pan Twardowski, who made a covenant with the devil. According to the covenant, the devil could claim Twardowski’s soul as property if he encountered him in Rome. A few years later, the devil was cunning enough to catch up with Twardowski while staying at an inn called “Rome”.
Also see: LINK:456:Restaurants and other eateries in Poland under: Sucha Beskidzka.

Karczma “Przykiec” close to Jordanów

This inn is located on highway no.28 (ie the road from Maków to the southeast towards Rabka) at the top of a high hill, approximately midway between Osielec and Jordanów, approx. 12 km from Makow. (ul. Przykiec 226, Jordanów). The inn is beautifully decorated in old, traditional style. Regional cuisine etc.
Also see: LINK:456:Restaurants and other eateries in Poland below: Jordanów.

Kroen (Zajazd) “Pod Chmurką” close to Rabka

This inn is located at Highway 28, where it crosses the northern outskirts of Rabka. The building is tastefully decorated in a regional style, and is surrounded by a very beautiful garden (where there is outdoor dining) with, among other things. a small lake and stonework.
Also see: LINK:456:Restaurants and other eateries in Poland below: Rabka.

Karczma “Rusnakówka” in Spytkowice

Inn in the village of Spytkowice on the road between Jabłonka and Rabka-Zdrój. – Address: Spytkowice 106, 34-745 Spytkowice. – The inn is newly built, a beautiful log house built in old, regional style.
Also see: LINK:456:Restaurants and other eateries in Poland below: Spitkowice.

Kroen (Karzma) “Koliba” in Zawoja

Beautiful, wood-built inn in the southernmost, highest-elevated part of the elongated Zawoja urban area, on the right-hand side of the road when coming from Maków. open from 1 p.m. 11-23.

“Beskidzki Raj”

Restaurant and hotel with banquet facilities, meeting rooms and numerous recreational facilities. Has a unique location on a mountain top in the mountain area between Zawoja, Maków and Stryszawa (near Sucha Beskidzka) with similarly beautiful panoramic views. Due to its location, the access (from Stryszawa or Zawoja) is a bit cumbersome.
Address: Stryszawa 667 (Zawoja / Przysłop), 34-205 Stryszawa.

The inn “U Śliwy” in Chochołów

On the road via Zawoja to Zakopane, you arrive 16 kilometers before Zakopane through the beautiful and distinctive village, Chochołów, which consists of preserved old traditional style log houses; a living open-air museum. The inn serves really good food.
Near the village there is also a border crossing to Slovakia.
Also see: LINK:456:Restaurants and other eateries in Poland below: Chochołów.

Krakow, Zakopane

During a longer excursion to Zakopane or Kraków (both about 65 km from Maków in the southeast and northeast respectively), take the opportunity to dine at one of the numerous restaurants in these cities. In Zakopane, for example, be a fish restaurant on the main street Krupówki (pedestrian street), with dining at tables along the banks of a mountain stream; in Kraków it could be one of the sidewalk restaurants at the square (Rynek Glówny).

(The picture shows a sidewalk restaurant at Krupówki in Zakopane).

Restauracja “Zbyrcok”, Zakopane

The restaurant is located on Krupówki No.29. Basement level location. Very beautifully decorated in old, local style. The staff is dressed in national costume. The food is good.
Also see: LINK:456:Restaurants and other eateries in Poland below: Zakopane.

“Stara Karczma” in Jeleśnia

In the middle of the village of Jeleśnia, approx. 53 km from Maków on the road (via Sucha and Zywiec) towards the ski resort Korbielów, lies a very beautiful old inn “Stara Karczma” (“The old Inn”). Should be visited if the road falls by.

In general about drinks in restaurants:

Don't always expect to be able to order wine for the food. Often it does not exist or the quality does not match the price. (But of course there are exceptions). There is no common tradition of drinking wine. Drink beer instead; there are many and excellent Polish beer brands. In the Maków area, the most popular beer brands (made in Southern Polish breweries) are the Germanie and Zywiec, both of which taste excellent. Of course, you can also get different mineral water, cola, etc.

Other listings:

Baza gastronomiczna

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Map of Maków Podhalański. Center and East

Large format card

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Map of Maków Podhalanski. West

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Maków Podhalański
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